What’s the Difference Between Psoriasis & Eczema

When it comes to skin conditions, identifying them and understanding the difference between them can be hard when many of them are physically similar. However, treatment can be quicker and easier when you have a proper diagnosis. One of the most common skin condition misperceptions is understanding the difference between psoriasis and eczema. Keep reading to learn more about the symptoms and treatment of these conditions.

What is Eczema?

Eczema or atopic dermatitis, is a chronic skin condition that can be characterized by red itchy skin in people of all ages. While there is no cure, there are some medical and at-home remedies that can help make the symptoms more manageable during periods of flare-ups. The symptoms of eczema are usually characterized by dry itchy skin that may also be red or bumpy. The cause of eczema is an individual’s skin having the inability to retain moisture and protect itself from bacteria. This is often a hereditary trait or can be the result of an allergy.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a genetic skin condition in which the rate of skin cell turnover is so fast that the cells begin to build up and become rough and scaly. As these cells build up they tend to be dry and may even cause itching and discomfort. Psoriasis is considered to be a chronic skin disease and may even come and go. While there is no cure, medications have come to the market to help manage the symptoms for everyday life. Psoriasis may appear in the form of red patches on the skin that are bumpy and may also have thick silvery scales. In general, psoriasis isn’t dangerous to patients, but it can have emotional effect making those affected feel self-conscious.

How are They Different?

While they both often involve the look of dry red patches, psoriasis will sometimes have bigger bumps and a scalier surface. These conditions can also both involve the potential for itching and dryness making them easily confused. The most notable difference between the two is that their causes are different. For eczema, it is thought to be passed down genetically or have a relation to hay fever or allergy. As for psoriasis, there is not one specific cause known. However, psoriasis is thought to be related to the immune system and may stem from issue occurring with T cells and white blood cells.

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Cyst Removal

Cyst removal performed by Dr. Ricardo Mejia on a patient. The procedure is done without shaving the hair or damaging any hair follicles. All hair follicles are preserved and important at Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration.

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Getting Cheap Botox? FDA Warns of Counterfeit Botox


On April 16th, the FDA announced that  counterfeit Botox  was sold by an unlicensed supplier who is not authorized to ship or distribute drug products in the United States.  The FDA is cracking down on Aesthetic medicine more than ever. Their focus used to be pain management and oxycotin  pill mills. Now the focus is on aesthetics realizing how much illegal importation is occurring.

It has been found that  doctors, med spas or clinics who order Botox from Canada has been tracked back to India, China or Israel.  This is a huge issue because unless a Doctor uses Botox from the only FDA approved company, Allergan, those patients have no idea what they are really getting injected with. Continue reading “Getting Cheap Botox? FDA Warns of Counterfeit Botox”

Skin Tag Removal Demonstration by Dr. Mejia


Many patients come in to the office to remove skin tags. It is as simple procedure by doing a snip excision. In this demonstration Dr. Mejia performs a skin tag removal on the face, although many people have them under their arms or groin area.

Skin tags are different from moles which can be cancerous and are simply fleshy growths on the skin. They do not need to be removed, but in some cases, if a patient has many, it may cause irritation in the skin. In another post, Dr. Mejia explains the difference between skin tags and moles.

Please note that this video is for educational purposes. Please consult your dermatologist for any skin tag removal.

Skin Tags : Dr. Mejia Explains The Difference Between Moles

Skin tags are a fleshy outgrowth of the skin which are usually hanging on the skin. In this video, Dr. Mejia explains the difference between skin tags and moles. Moles are freckles or spots on the skin that have cells which can be normal, like beauty moles or may develop overtime into irregular moles that can develop into melanoma and be very dangerous.

In this other video on our blog, Dr. Mejia did a demonstration of removing a skin tag.


Blue Water Babes 2014

We had another fun year supporting Blue Water Babes Fish For A Cure event to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for various organizations related to Breast Cancer.  Different teams create fun themes around saving breasts, promoting checkups and getting your mammograms done at the Captains Party on Friday.

Our theme was “Save Second Base”. Our whole staff was dressed in red and white baseball outfits. We didn’t win a prize, but we had lots of fun. The second day of the event was the actual fishing. We were very lucky to catch seven fish even though Ely, our medical assistant got a little sea sick.

Black Tip Fishing joined us and did this amazing recap video during the fishing tournament.



Here are some pictures of the event. You can see all of them at our Sunblock Challenge Facebook page which is the non-profit Dr. Mejia created to promote skin cancer awareness.


Here is the recap video from Jennifer McGrath, founder of Blue Water Babes.

Mosquito Repellent With Deet – Dr. Mejia Weighs In

There are many different mosquito repellents on the market claiming to get rid of the pesky insects. In this WPBF25 news report, Gary Good whose job is to get rid of mosquitos says that the best product to do the job is one containing deet.

However, Dr. Mejia who was interviewed in the video, says that large quanities of deet can cause neurological problems if taken in high doses. WPBF25 News found that one product contained 98.25% deet, where Dr. Mejia states that you generally only need 10-30%. It has a higher risk of systemic absorption and can potentially cause concern if used too much on  your kids. So be careful in what product you use to prevent insect bites.


Note: You can see Dr. Mejia speaking in the video at  at 1 minutes, 55 seconds.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Options

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Marks (Striae) form on areas of the skin that undergo continuous or rapid stretch and tension, and most commonly occur on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and breasts. Both males and females experience stretch marks, commonly during rapid growth periods (puberty), weight gain, pregnancy, and even from body building. Stretch marks occur when skin distension affects the connective tissue framework of the skin and damages collagen and elastin. Stretch marks may appear as thin flattened pink skin, red and raised, or as white depressed bands on the skin.

Laser-Stretch-mark-Removal (2)
Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Many people become concerned with the appearance of their stretch marks and want to know the options available for treating them. While many treatments are available to improve the appearance of striae, it has been very difficult to completely get rid of them. Expectant mothers may use intense moisturizers such as cocoa or shea butter, and other over the counter products to help prevent striae from forming. Patients should avoid rapid weight gain or building of body mass in a short period of time, as skin cannot compensate for such quick changes. Topical retinoids and antioxidants have been shown to improve the appearance of stretch marks. These products are available through your provider at Jupiter Dermatology.


Our office provides three laser and light treatments that may further improve the appearance of stretch marks. ND YAG is a vascular laser which helps lessen the appearance of stretch marks by targeting the dilated blood vessels within stretch marks that are red and raised. We typically recommend 3-6 laser treatments for optimal results. CO2  Fractional lasers are used for laser resurfacing in stretch marks that have been present for a longer time. During this procedure, the CO2 laser targets pinpoint areas of the skin in a grid-like pattern, allowing healthy surrounding skin to contract and tighten skin as well as inducing collagen production. More than one treatment may be needed for this procedure. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a non-laser treatment that helps to induce the production of collagen and elastin, thereby improving the appearance of stretch marks over time. Your provider can evaluate which treatments would be most beneficial, and review any side effects or expected downtime associated with each of these treatments.

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