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Product and Treatment Highlights


SmoothGlo blends the trusted results of Lumenis IPL (Intense Pulse Light) with the capabilities of VoluDerm, proprietary radio frequency microneedling technology. The combination provides enhanced benefits. More information here.

Experience the OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial
Skin Renewal by Natural Oxygenation
Exfoliate. Nourish. Oxygenate

Oxygeneo is a 3-in-1 super facial treatment that triggers natural body processes to increase oxygen levels to achieve exceptional results. The skin is gently exfoliated, removing dead skin cells, to reveal a vital level of the skin. The patented reaction between the capsule and the gel creates a rich CO2 environment on the exfoliated skin surface.
OxyGeneo is for men and women and ALL skin types and can even help with acne.
Learn more about the benefits of Oxygeneo on this page. (Demo video included)

See more details and before and after pictures of the Revision SkinCare products we carry here.

Nectifirm® ADVANCED

An award-winning, age defying neck product harnesses the power of the skin’s own Microbiome with a groundbreaking formula that combats the visible signs of moderate to advanced aging on the neck and décolletage. Also features eight distinctive peptides and Smart Antioxidant Technology for advanced results. Skin is brighter and appears firmer and more lifted while the appearance of adipose tissue and wrinkled skin is reduced.

YouthFull Lip Replenisher®

Renews youthfulness with a scientifically advanced formula that targets the visible signs of lip aging. This proprietary formula replenishes the appearance of youthful volume and contour. Potent antioxidants defend against environmental stressors. Hyaluronic Acid delivers immediate and intense hydration to help lips look fuller and more youthful.

C+ Correcting Complex 30%®

Reveal a brilliant glow, a more even skin tone and a more youthful appearance. Infused with our patent-pending MelaPATH® technology that illuminates, refines, and rejuvenates, C+ Correcting Complex 30%® defends and corrects the skin-damaging effects of free radicals generated by Urban Dust and High Energy Visible light (HEV or blue light).

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