Skin Cancer Treatment Options

The different skin cancer treatment options are:

  • Mohs surgery – see description below.
  • Radiation surgery involves going to the hospital on multiple visits to get radiation.
  • Scraping or burning called electrodessication, curettage depending on the location of the skin cancer. This option has a tendency of producing a round whitish scar as opposed to a cosmetic line scar.
  • Excision or removal of the skin cancer without Mohs surgery. With this option, there are wider margins, so there is a risk of leaving a larger scar and the potential risk of not getting it all out the first time and having to go back and repeat the procedure.
  • In some cases, you can use topical immunotherapy with a medication called Imiquimod, or Aldara


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Live Botox Demonstration – Botox Palm Beach

Are you Looking for Botox Palm Beach area? Dr. Mejia, a board certified dermatologist has many patients come from different neighboring areas to receive Botox treatments. He has special training and has been performing botox treatments for many years with excellent results.

Watch as Dr. Mejia places botox injections on a patient. He explains that there might be some swelling of the tissue as the Botox treatment settles down. Altough in this case, the Botox injections were applied without anesthesia, and the patient did not feel much discomfort, he does apply topical anesthesia if a patient wishes. (more…)

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Microdermabrasion Treatment

Micro dermabrasion has many benefits. It helps with pigmentation, lessening of fine lines and wrinkles and  evens out the tone and texture of the skin. After four to six treatments, you can notice some of the pigmentation diminishing. It is a superficial exfoliation which requires no downtime. Your face will appear to have a sunburn right after the dermabrasion treatment, but after 24 hours it will go away. (more…)

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Levulon Pre-treatment Before PDT

Sarah, our Physician Assistant, demonstrates the application of Levulon. It is a skin cancer pre-treatment before undergoing Photodyanamic Therapy  (PDT).  The solution  comes in a vial and applied directly on the skin one hour before the blue light therapy.

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Yag Laser Treatment – (IPL) For Hair Removal & More

Yag laser is  laser technology that is called Intense Pulse Light Treatment or  IPL.  In this video Dr. Mejia and Sarah demonstrate the different features of the Lumenis One device which delivers the best photo facials. It also  helps to remove brown spots, red spots, spider veins of the face.

It allows you to do  different treatments like vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, age spots, hyperpigmentation, hair removal, wrinkle treatments and skin tightening. It also allows you to select various parameters to ensure the safety of skin depending on the skin type, ie. light skin, dark skin.

Privacy At Jupiter Dermatology

Privacy and patient confidentiality is very important at Jupiter Dermatology. The office design is set up for this by having a secondary waiting area after check in. This way, when a  patients come in to the reception area they are able to freely discuss private concerns.  Additionally, great care was taken to construct the office for soundproofing.  The walls are double insulated and the  doors are solid core.

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Dr. Ricardo Mejia’s Goals For His Patients

In this video, Dr. Mejia talks to Jane about his goals for the patients when they come to the office. He speaks about the quality of the staff he hires to make sure that his patients are attended to and serviced.

At Jupiter Dermatology, we are pleased to have an extremely qualified Physician Assistant, Sarah Martin, who also has the same caring and compassion for all the patients.  In 2009, Dr. Mejia took the recertification examination sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Note on discussion in video: In 2009, Dr. Mejia took the recertification examination sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology.  To make sure that his physician assistant practices at the same level of any dermatologist, Dr. Mejia administered the same examination to his physician assistant.  Physician assistants and dermatologist do not take the same board examinations Physician assistants and dermatologist do not take the same board examinations.

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