Full Body Exam/Skin Check

The skin is the largest and most vulnerable organ of the body. Because of this, taking good care your skin and checking for irregularities is important to prevent the development of skin growths, disease, and melanoma, the deadliest of all skin cancers.

What is a Full Body Scan/Skin Check?

A full body exam or skin check is essentially an annual checkup for skin health. This is done to evaluate for any abnormalities that may have developed without your knowledge. This type of screening is done as a preventative measure for anyone that would like to stay ahead of any potential issues.

How Often Should I Have One?

For those considered at risk, it is recommended that a screening is done once a year and on regular basis by yourself at home. Keeping an eye on any new growths, freckles or spots may seem trivial but in some cases, it can be a life-saving trip to the dermatologist. Screening on your own and with a dermatologist is the best way to prevent any development from going undetected. Also, the sooner that you find something and seek treatment the better off you will be. The best option is to learn the ABCDE’s of melanoma.

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