What are Pilar Cysts?

Pilar Cysts are flesh-colored bumps that can develop on the surface of the skin. Pilar cysts are benign, meaning that they typically are not cancerous. While these cysts are not necessarily a cause for concern, many individuals may find them uncomfortable.

Pilar cysts gradually develop in the epithelial lining of the hair follicles. This lining contains keratin, a protein that helps to create skin, hair, and nail cells. Over time, keratin continues to build up in the hair follicle, creating a Pilar cyst. These cysts may be hereditary, and are common in middle-aged women.


Pilar cysts grow on the surface of the skin, usually on the scalp, though they can occur anywhere on the body. These cysts can range in size, but they grow gradually over a long period of time. The cysts are skin-colored, and round in shape, and are usually firm to the touch. Pilar cysts do not contain pus, and should not be painful to touch.

How are they Treated?

While treatment is not medically necessary for Pilar cysts, many people consider removal due to general discomfort caused by the cysts. Surgical removal is the most effective treatment method. During surgical removal, Dr. Mejia will remove both the cyst and the epithelial lining from the underlying hair follicle. This will stop the cyst from recurring.

Following surgery, there may be a small scar left, though this will fade with time. Despite removal, it is possible for Pilar cysts to eventually return.

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