While melasma is not dangerous, it can be persistent and cause a lack of self-confidence in individuals who experience it. A dermatologist can provide you with treatment options and ways to improve the appearance of skin discoloration due to melasma.

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a skin condition that appears as tan or brown spots, most commonly found on the face. The condition is very common among women, especially during pregnancy, but can also appear in men as well. Most individuals get it on their cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, and above their lips, but can appear on other highly exposed areas like the arms and neck.

What Causes Melasma?

The exact cause of melasma is unknown but occurs due to an increase in melanin, the substance responsible for creating the skin’s pigment. There are some factors that increase your risk of melasma such as gender, genetics, and having darker skin.

How is Melasma Treated?

A dermatologist can diagnose melasma by examining the skin. A skin biopsy can also be done in some cases to rule out other possible conditions. Once melasma is determined, your plan for treatment will be developed.

Melasma will often fade on its own once the trigger such as pregnancy or birth control is no longer there. However, for women who wish to continue taking birth control or have melasma caused by other factors, there are a few treatment options available including:

  • Medication: Topical prescription medications such as tretinoin and hydroquinone that work to lighten the skin. We also carry Lytera 2.0 to help reduce the pigmentation.
  • Sunscreen: Certain sunscreens that contain hydroquinone can help to lighten the skin as well as prevent melasma from worsening due to the sun. Ask our aesthetician which is right for you.
  • Skin Procedure: Ricardo Mejia, MD may recommend a chemical peel, laser treatment, or microneedling to improve the appearance of melasma.

Without treatment, melasma will sometimes fade on its own or might continue to reappear. However, it will continue to worsen with increased sun exposure. If you need assistance with managing your melasma, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist in Jupiter, FL.

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