Scabies is a very itchy skin condition caused by the mite S. scabei. Scabies are typically spread by skin-to-skin contact, or by transmission from sharing towels, bedding, or clothing (mites can live up to 2 days on clothing or in bedding). Scabies can affect persons of any age or sex.

Scabies causes severe itching that is typically worse at night. The most common areas affected are the inter-digital spaces of the hands, wrists, elbows, feet, buttocks, underarms, and groin. The head and neck are typically spared, except in infants. Lesions are red, pink, tan, or brown papules or nodules, sometimes with a visible burrow. Itching may last for weeks following treatment of scabies, due to hypersensitivity to the mites.


Scabies Treatments:

  • Permethrin 5% Cream
  • Lindane 1% Lotion
  • Crotamition 10% Cream
  • Ivermectin 200mg x1 day
  • Atarax 10mg tablets: 1-2 by mouth Q 4-6 hours

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