A patient recently asked Dr. Mejia about anti aging and what is the best way to remain natural looking but also working to repair and delay the aging process. There are a couple of key things he emphasizes:

Wear Your Sunblock 

One of the worst offenders of aging is ultraviolet light. So the use of sunblock especially those that contain UVA and titanium oxide or zinc oxide which is the physical block. Using sunblock on a daily basis especially when outdoors can prevent the harmful rays from penetrating into your skin and damaging the collagen and elastin which causes premature aging and wrinkling.

Not only will it help in anti aging, but it also will prevent the formation of skin cancers: basal cells, squamous cell and melanomas. So you get a double whammy by doing sun protection. Blue Lizard and Tizo are some of the sunblocks we recommend that contain titanium or zinc oxide. More recommendations are on this page.


Increasing the Youthfulness of The Skin

To increase the plump youthful look of the skin, you can add topical vitamin C which has been shown to increase the collagen in our skin in clinical studies. Additionally, vitamin E in the right concentration helps. Growth factors have also made in roads recently to help rejuvenate the skin naturally by helping to stimulate collagen formation.

The product we recommend that has this growth factor is TNS Essential Serum by Skin Medica. You can see a video here which explains how it works.


Retin A or Tretinoid is another product that helps in anti aging. It also has been used for acne and fine lines and marketed under the name of Renova. It is a vitamin derivative that also helps increase the collagen and elastin over time.

As Dr. Mejia says in the video, the key components are time and patience. If you want your skin to look good, you have to maintain it every day just like you maintain your healthy teeth by brushing every day.

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