We had another fun year supporting Blue Water Babes Fish For A Cure event to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for various organizations related to Breast Cancer.  Different teams create fun themes around saving breasts, promoting checkups and getting your mammograms done at the Captains Party on Friday.

Our theme was “Save Second Base”. Our whole staff was dressed in red and white baseball outfits. We didn’t win a prize, but we had lots of fun. The second day of the event was the actual fishing. We were very lucky to catch seven fish even though Ely, our medical assistant got a little sea sick.

Black Tip Fishing joined us and did this amazing recap video during the fishing tournament.



Here are some pictures of the event. You can see all of them at our Sunblock Challenge Facebook page which is the non-profit Dr. Mejia created to promote skin cancer awareness.


Here is the recap video from Jennifer McGrath, founder of Blue Water Babes.

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