We were honored for another year to be a part of the WPBF25 News Health and Wellness Festival in which Dr. Mejia  was on stage speaking on Anti-Aging. Ashley Hess, our Physician Assistant also spoke on preventing skin cancer.  Dr. Mejia took many questions from the audience ranging from  acne, spider veins, hemangioma treatment, hair loss and much more.


Also, this year I was excited to be on stage with Senta Evans, our Cosmetic and Hair Coordinator to introduce Dr. Mejia and Ashley. Throughout the day, many people visited our booth to ask questions, spin the Wheel of Beauty and receive sunblock samples by our whole staff.

We have lots of video and media here on this recap, so I hope you enjoy!

Dr. Mejia’s top tip: Sunscreen is the best thing for anti-aging!

Recap Video: Senta and I introducing Dr. Mejia and Ashley:

Dr. Mejia answering a question about Rosacea:

Some pictures in the slideshow below. You can also see all the pictures on our Facebook page and on the WPBF25 News Website.  They featured one of our pictures there, so make sure you give us a shout out in the comment. [rev_slider dr-oz-fest-2015]Dr. Oz talking about living to be 100 years old and feel vibrant as if you were 60 years old. Dr. Mejia answering a question about ingrown hair:

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