In the last month, since Hurricane Dorian devastated parts of the Bahamas, Dr. Mejia has worked tirelessly, in collaboration with various organizations, to help the Bahamian people who were most impacted by this monster storm.

Through his non-profit, The Sunblock Challenge, Dr Mejia has provided over 8,000 pounds of much needed supplies. For specific details, read the recap here.

Pictured above from left to right: Nurse Trina Sasine, Dr. Pam Mobley, Dr. Mejia, Dr. Robert Sasine, Volunteer Shea Lowe

In addition to relief supplies, Dr. Mejia also went on a medical mission to provide much needed medical services. In conjunction with Dr. Pam Peterson Mobley, and Nurse Trina Sasine, he treated patients at the Green Turtle Cay Medical Clinic. He treated not only the locals there, but when another relief worker, Dr. Cowan, fell off a ladder and suffered a compound fracture of his leg. Part of his mission was to fly with Dr Cowan back to Orlando to seek further treatment (see video recap of this effort below).

Throughout his ordeal, Dr. Cowan was a great sport and we wish him a speedy and successful recovery.
As you can imagine, there were many moving parts put into action when evacuating Dr. Cowan. Dr Mejia would like to specifically say thanks to the following groups and individuals:

  • The Green Turtle Cay Volunteer Fire and Rescue
  • Matthew Lowe from Green Turtle Ferry
  • Tom Rutledge
  • Dr. Pam Mobley
  • Nurse Trina Sasine
  • Dr. Robert Sasine and team members who aided in the evacuation & amazing care of Dr. Cowan

Dr. Mejia’s medical trip was organized in cooperation with, The Paradise Fund and Operation Airdrop. His pilot, in conjunction with, Pilots for Christ Mission in Tennessee, Michael Spurgeon flew in that morning from Nashville, Tennessee, flying the team over, despite the challenging, windy conditions. A special Thanks to all those individuals/organizations, as well, for their assistance, and support.

Dr, Mejia and his staff will continue to provide support to our Bahamian neighbors. They will obviously need our help for an extended period of time. This is the first recap of his recent activities, with many more to come. Stay tuned!




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