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A MedSpa offers medical grade cosmetic procedures in the relaxing atmosphere of a spa. Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration offers the highest quality care and comfort to its patients in Palm Beach Gardens. The treatments offered at our center are customized to help each of our patients with their individual needs to achieve rejuvenating results. Dr. Ricardo Mejia is passionate about helping you achieve a healthy and glowing skin. He is known for listening attentively to his patients so that he understands their concerns clearly before recommending a customized treatment plan combining one or more procedures and techniques. Our team stays with you throughout your consultation and procedure, right through the recovery process to ensure you get the best aftercare and the desired results.

The treatments you can choose at our center in Palm Beach Gardens include procedures that deal with aging signs like wrinkles, acne, and scars. These conditions might not be painful, but they affect the patient’s appearance and subsequently self-confidence. With the procedures we offer, our expert team helps you restore the youthful complexion and tone of your skin which now appears radiant and refreshed. Once you have undergone a procedure at our center, you will not have to use make up to hide imperfections anymore. We offer dermal fillers, neuromodulators, medical grade peels, and facials, microneedling and laser treatments which rejuvenate your skin and also lead to naturally smoother and tighter skin since they promote collagen production. Whatever may be the skin issue you are struggling with, there is a solution at Jupiter Dermatology to help you eliminate it.

Botox and fillers

Most people today see early signs of aging on their face even when they feel much younger than their appearance. Scars and wrinkles affect your self-image and confidence with time and many people avoid social interactions when they struggle with too many changes to their facial skin and features. The skin care services at our center in Palm Beach Gardens help you achieve smoother and younger skin with the latest in neuromodulators and dermal fillers. You can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, chin fat and volume loss with these state of the art injectables. Here are the treatments you can choose from:

Laser treatments

We offer unique laser treatments to our patients in Palm Beach Gardens that helps them deal with their concerns like unwanted hair, tattoos, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Laser treatments will help you achieve a refreshed and smoother skin as well as tighter and firmer skin tone since laser promotes the natural production of collagen. Here are the treatments you can benefit with at our center:

Hair restoration

There are thousands of hair transplant surgeries performed by Dr. Mejia who is a leader in this field and has thousands of patients who are 100 % satisfied with their results. He serves on the board of the International Society of Restoration Surgery.  Dr. Mejia first determines the cause of hair loss in his patients before he develops the best treatment to help restore beautiful and healthy hair. If you are in Palm Beach Gardens and looking for hair restoration, you can benefit from:

Aesthetic services

With age and exposure to the elements, our skin goes through many unwanted changes. These changes make your skin dull and seem more aged than your years; wrinkles, uneven tone, acne, pigmentation and texture are some of these changes. Depending on your individual issues and aesthetic goals, Jupiter Dermatology in Palm Beach Gardens offers various treatments. You can choose from the following procedures:

Skin care products

We offer world class skin care products which help you deal with everyday skin concerns you may be struggling with like dark circles, blemishes and post procedure discolorations. Our makeup products give you natural coverage; you can achieve thicker and longer eyelashes, reduction in signs of aging, and rejuvenation of skin as well. You can also get world class sun blocks at our center. Here are the skin care products you can choose from:

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Palm Beach Gardens is a city in the Palm Beach County of Florida. The city features several gated communities and is also the principal city of the Miami metropolitan area. The center of the city’s retail market includes the Gardens Mall, PGA Commons, Midtown, Legacy Place and Downtown at the Gardens. These are located on the main stretch on PGA Boulevard. There are 12 golf courses in the city limits including one owned by the municipality and the Professional Golfer’s Association of America.

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