Moles sometimes appear out of the blue and in this case, this patient wanted to get it checked to make sure that it is not a cancerous mole. Dr. Mejia inspects the mole by using a dermatascope, a magnification device which allows for close up view of moles. After inspection, he sees that it is a cutaneous horn which is an overgrowth of skin but sometimes can be underlying skin cancer, pre-cancer or a wart. The treatment for this is to do a biopsy and remove it.

Many people get anxious about having a biopsy, but this video will show how painless this procedure is. Once removed it is put in a bottle and sent to a lab for diagnosis. If it is a skin cancer, Dr. Mejia will then make sure that all the roots are taken care of. Moles that change in size, shape or color or something that is new that suddenly pops up and has rapid growth can sometimes be a skin cancer called Squamous cells.

To remove the mole, Dr. Mejia numbs the patient with anesthesia. Then he removes the mole with a razor blade, cauterizes it to prevent bleeding, puts a bandage and the biopsy is complete.

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