Professional services at a dermatologists’ office like Jupiter Dermatology are by far the most effective way to keep your skin healthy and avoid signs of aging. However, you can’t always make it into regular dermatologist appointments, and it’s important to maintain your skin on a day-to-day basis. The best way to ensure your skin’s health at home is by investing in high-quality products. Here are the steps that our dermatologists recommend for your at-home skincare.


The right cleanser for you varies by your skin type and concerns. For example, those with acne should likely use a cleanser that includes ingredients like salicylic acid, while dry skin types are better suited to less harsh cleansers. Regardless of the product your dermatologist recommends, the Clarisonic Skincare Brush is an effective tool for almost everyone. This brush helps to more effectively and deeply cleanse your skin and unclog pores.


Toners are a commonly misunderstood product. A facial toner should be applied after cleanser and before moisturizing or applying serums and other treatments. Simply put, toners thoroughly cleanse the skin of any oils or impurities that may have been left behind after washing your face. They also help to balance the pH of your skin. There are a variety of toners available for various skin types and concerns. Some of our favorites include:

Serum, Retinol, and Treatments

After you apply toner, you may include additional products that are more tailored to your individual needs.

Serums, like SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum, help to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin and can be applied in both the morning and evening. Most serums have a somewhat watery, liquid texture, and can be used to improve signs of aging or create a more even, bright appearance.

Retinol is a powerful anti-aging product that should only be applied at night. If you’re new to retinol, start out by using these products only a few days a week. Some of our favorite retinol products include Retin A and SkinMedica Retinol Complex 0.5.


Moisturizer is essential for morning and nighttime skincare routines. Our dermatologists recommend a range of moisturizers to suit multiple skin types. Even if you have oily or acne skin, it’s important to moisturize so that your skin remains balanced and hydrated.

Some of our favorite moisturizers include EltaMD Moisturizer and SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer.


Daily SPF is important for reducing your chance of skin cancer and avoiding sun damage or early signs of aging. Regardless of the season, you should always apply SPF to your face, neck, and chest. Most dermatologists recommend that you wear SPF 30 or higher. Some of our favorite products include Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense and EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF.



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