Don has had reconstructive surgery after Mohs skin cancer many times. He has been coming to Jupiter Dermatology for about three years. Like many sun worshippers in South Florida, he never used sunblock. He has had to have eleven surgeries to remove the skin cancer on his nose, forehead, right temple, ear, chest and legs. Most  were squamous cell skin cancer. Luckily, he didn’t have any melanomas which is the most advanced type of skin cancer.

The good thing is that Don is taking care of his skin now and encourages his grandchildren to wear sunblock. Whenever he sees any signs, he goes to Dr. Mejia to get it checked and as he says, “get it when it is on the surface.”  Many people procrastinate or may not even be aware that they have skin cancer. So early prevention is the key.

He shares his experience with the surgery as being relatively painless. Additionally, Dr. Mejia does reconstructive surgery right after the Mohs skin cancer procedure. Some skin cancer surgeons do not do this, which would require the patient to see another surgeon at a different time.  Dr. Mejia had to graft skin on the back of Don’s neck and cover his ear with it.  You can see the results of the reconstructive surgery in the video. There are no scars or signs of the surgery even being done.

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