The Indoor Tanning Association and the Federal Trade Commission have recently come to an agreement regarding claims from the Indoor Tanning Association. Many of those claims said they were endorsed by the government. However as dermatologist, we know that indoor tanning and chronic exposure to UV  increases the risk of skin cancer and melanomas, which are a deadly form of skin cancer.

Consequently, new guidelines settled between the Federal Trade Commission and the Indoor Tanning Association now require warning signs that indicate exposure to Ultraviolet Light Radiation may increase the likelihood of skin cancer.

Additionaly, in regards to Vitamin D, there will be a notice that you do not need to be tanned for your skin to make the vitamin D. Hopefully some of these warnings will bring the education and the knowledge to the forefront regarding some of the potential dangers and pitfalls of indoor tanning.

As Dermatologist, on the flip side, we also know that chronic UV, UVA & UB exposure damages the collagen and elastin which causes premature aging and wrinkles. So protect yourself from the sun, use sunblock and avoid indoor tanning booths.

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