Our patient, Pat has had numerous skin cancer all over her body for 32 years. She came to our office to remove three squamous cell carcinoma on her chin and jawline. Pat was very nervous about the removal of the skin cancer on these areas because she had multiple skin cancers in the same area previously which were were removed at the University of Miami. The current scar tissue was her main concern. This video was taken two weeks after the squamous cell carcinoma was removed.

Squamous cell carcinoma arises from the outer epidermal layer of the skin and occurs most commonly on areas exposed to the sun. Chronic sun exposure is the leading caue of squamous cell carcinoma especially on people with fair skin, light hair and green or grey eyes. Other factors that may contribute to this type of cancer include burns, scars, exposure ot radiation  or chemicals, chronic inflammatory conditions and immunosuppression. Squamous cell carcinoma can also develop in dark skinned people, especially at sites of preexisting inflammatory conditions or burns.

Signs that may indicate the presence of squamous cell carcinoma include nodules, open sores, scaly red patches or elevated growth with a central depression. All these types may develop a crusted surface or bleeding.

We recommend sun avoidance during peak hours of 10 AM to 3PM as a preventative measure, always wear your sunblock, inspect your body for any skin changes and have a routine check up with your dermatologist.

Please refer to an article in our archive of Sunblock Recommendations.

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