Dr. Mejia Discusses The Skin Cancer Treatment

Our patient, Larry who recently spoke about his experience with , is at a follow up visit with Dr.  Mejia who is a reputable skin cancer surgeon in South Florida. He shows some images of the basal cell carcinoma before the surgery. In this case, the patient neglected to take care of it earlier and it grew larger as time passed. Luckily with the Mohs skin cancer procedure, all the roots of the basal cells are removed .

After the removal of the skin cancer, Dr. Mejia did a plastic surgery closure which involved a flap procedure. Cosmetically, the patient is very happy with the result since the scar is hardly noticable because of the reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Mejia’s recommendation: Wear your sunblock and if you see any spots that are not healing, seek dermatological help.

Skin Cancer Detection

Dr. Mejia discusses the importance of  early skin cancer detection. For many years, this patient thought he had a birth mark on his arm. Unfortunately, it was a basal cell carcinoma and Mohs skin cancer surgery was performed.

Dr. Mejia wants to remind people that if you have a growth that has been there for a long time, get it checked it out.

Types of Skin Cancer

What is Skin Cancer? 

Cancer develops when DNA, the molecule found in cells that encodes genetic information, becomes damaged and the body cannot repair the damage. These damaged cells begin to grow and divide uncontrollably. When this occurs in the skin, skin cancer develops. As the damaged cells multiply, they form a tumor. Since skin cancer generally develops in the epidermis, the outermost layers of skin, a tumor is usually clearly visible. This makes most skin cancers detectable in the early stages.

Types of Skin Cancer 

Three types of skin cancer account for nearly 100% of all diagnosed cases. Each of these three cancers begins in a different type of cell within the skin, and each cancer is named for the type of cell in which it begins. Skin cancers are divided into one of two classes – nonmelanoma skin cancers and melanoma. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Continue reading “Types of Skin Cancer”