A Patient’s Testimonial After Mohs

Dr. Mejia has a chat with a patient that underwent Mohs Skin Cancer surgery. Dr. Mejia also does the cosmetic surgery after Mohs so the patient has minimal scarring.

Although the patient was an avid sunbather at a young age, luckily with the Mohs surgery, her condition has been corrected.  Dr. Mejia is passionate about everyone wearing sunblock to prevent skin damage. See our new website for events to promote this.


Young Blood Cosmetics

At Jupiter Dermatology, we carry the Youngblood line of mineral cosmetics. Pauline Youngblood created these products  for patients recovering from laser treatments, chemical peels, surgery and skin cancer. It is a lightweight product and doesn’t clog your pores. Here is an excerpt from the website of how the products were created by Pauline:

With the help of doctors and chemists, she began formulating her first loose mineral foundation, which provided excellent coverage and a natural appearance, while still allowing skin to breathe. Continue reading “Young Blood Cosmetics”