Sunblock Recommendations

Blue Lizard s a physical sun block with the active ingredients zinc oxide & titanium oxide. These two ingredients will give you the best protection from both UVA & UVB rays. Dr. Mejia recommends Blue Lizard Sunblock for children and those who are out boating, fishing, surfing, or participating in any other outdoor activities.

Sport UV Defense SPF 45 by Skinceuticals is a waterproof and sweatproof lightweight sunblock. With zinc oxide as an active ingredient, this sunblock will give you ideal protection from the sun. Dr. Mejia recommends Sport UV Defense for active lifestyles and vigorous outdoor activities.

TIZO-3SPF 40 is an elegant daily defense for the face that provides superb photo protection and is also water resistant. Dr. Mejia recommends TIZO-3 for all women. The elegant silky texture doesn’t leave the skin heavy or greasy and is perfect under all makeup. TIZO-3 leaves your skin smooth and soft with a beautiful matte finish.

Active UV Defense SPF 15. Everyone needs protection from the sun, even if you are commuting from your car to the office or carpooling the kids. Dr. Mejia recommends Active UV Defense for day to day activities with minimal sun exposure.

Obaji-C Sunguard SPF 30  is an ultrasheer z-cote for ideal sun protection. Dr. Mejia recommends Obagi-C Sunguard for teens and young adults. With a combination of Vitamin C antioxidant and zinc oxide Obagi-C Sungauard helps prevent premature aging and fight free radical damage.