As microneedling becomes more popular, many people are turning to at-home dermal rollers and other tools for their convenience and low-cost. However, microneedling at home without a professional’s guidance and expertise is dangerous for several reasons.

In addition to being less effective, at-home microneedling can be dangerous for your health. Microneedling works because the treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing response by creating micro-injuries in the skin. This causes increased collagen production, but can also be dangerous if performed incorrectly. Here are four major reasons why microneedling is best left to the professionals.

Risk of infection

The number one concern with at-home microneedling treatments is the risk of infection. Professional dermatological and aesthetic settings, like Jupiter Dermatology, are rigorously cleaned and sterilized in ways that even the cleanest homes are not. In addition, the microneedling tools used by professionals are sterilized as well. At-home tools may be unsanitary whether from improper cleaning by the user or from being handled during their production and therefore unsanitary for first-time use. Without professional precautions and sterilization, microneedling runs the risk of causing infection by introducing bacteria into the micro-injuries created in the skin.

Risk of scarring

Many people choose microneedling to treat scarring, such as acne scars. However, microneedling can cause scars if performed incorrectly. Some people will, for example, create wounds larger than intended, or microneedle areas that are not suitable for the treatment. Such injuries always run the risk of leading to a scar.

Microneedling isn’t suitable for everyone

A dermatologist or aesthetician is uniquely trained to evaluate the skin and determine the most suitable treatment for each patient. While microneedling is suitable for most people, there are some who may have adverse reactions to the treatment. This includes some patients with rosacea, sensitive skin, or active acne. Without evaluation by an experienced professional, it’s nearly impossible to predict whether microneedling is a safe and suitable treatment for your skin type.

One-Size-Fits-All microneedling tools

Jupiter Dermatology offers several types of microneedling using different tools. Most at-home microneedling tools are dermal rollers, which may not be effective or necessarily safe for all patients. Dermal rollers create punctures at an angle, versus the perpendicular microchannels created by other pen-like tools. Additionally, professional treatments can be customized in terms of the depth of the needles and any topical treatments applied after microneedling, ensuring that the service is effective for each individual patient. At-home treatments do not benefit from this customization.

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