In this video, Dr. Mejia talks about wart removal and some of the treatment options. It all depends on what it looks like, how big the wart is, how flat it is  and the location.

A simple wart treatment is an over the counter 14% salicylic acid that is applied into the wart. The salicylic acid will slowly peel it away. Another common way to treat it with salicylic acid is to cover it with duct tape so it can penetrate deeper.

If those treatments don’t work, another alternative is to freeze it with liquid nitrogen at a dermatologist office or in some cases surgically remove it by lightly shaving it off and cauterizing it from the base. This is a simple procedure that can be done in the doctor’s office without any discomfort. The dermatologist will usually add some anesthesia which does cause some slight stinging or burning. But once the wart is removed and cauterized, it should not recur.

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