Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration offers high-quality services to its patients in West Palm Beach. Services are administered in a professional and relaxing environment. Dr. Ricardo Mejia and his staff customize a treatment plan that will suit your desired goals. With the services at Jupiter Dermatology, you will be able to achieve a clear, beautiful and healthy skin in just a few days. If you are in West Palm Beach and looking for beautiful and glowing skin, you can be assured the knowledgeable and caring staff will listen to all your concerns, understand your goals right from the consultation and stay with you every step of your treatment.

Cosmetic and Skincare treatments

Facial scars, acne, and wrinkles are some of the reasons why you may be looking for skin care services. Even though these are not painful conditions, they impact anybody’s appearance and consequently their self-confidence. With the best skin care services at Jupiter dermatology, you do not have to resort to covering up these skin flaws with makeup. Whatever your problem area, you can get these skincare treatments in West Palm Beach:


Medical dermatology procedures

Any problems with your hair, skin, and nails can be dealt with the world-class treatments offered at Jupiter dermatology. There are many medical dermatological services that help you keep your skin remain healthy and function well with physical care and prescription medication. Once your problems are understood, your problem areas will be diagnosed as well as treated in addition to getting an education about preventing any future problems. When in West Palm Beach, you can choose from these medical dermatology procedures:

Mohs and skin cancer

Today, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US. With early detection, it is also easily preventable. At Jupiter dermatology, you get assistance at every stage of the process, from prevention of skin cancer to its surgical removal. The best remedy for the growing cases of skin cancer include education and prevention. When in West Palm Beach, you can speak with Dr. Mejia for these skin cancer services:

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West Palm Beach is in South Florida and separated from the neighboring Palm Beach by the Lake Worth Lagoon. Visitors enjoy the Norton Museum of Art that displays American, European and Chinese art including impressionist paintings. Downtown’s CityPlace and Clematis street districts are filled with shops, restaurants, clubs and bars. The 4 theater Kravis Center for Performing Arts hosts plays, concerts, dance and opera.

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