A MedSpa must offer its patients medical grade cosmetic procedures within the comfortable atmosphere of a spa. Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration offers its patients excellence in cosmetic treatments as well as optimum care and unparalleled comfort. Our entire range of treatments is customized to suit the specific requirements of our patients to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Jupiter Dermatology is sought after due to the commitment of Dr. Ricardo Mejia to help each patient restore the youthful health and glow of their skin. He is also known to listen attentively to your skin concerns before a treatment plan is customized that suits your needs perfectly. Once your needs and goals are taken into consideration, one or more different techniques and procedures may be combined to help you achieve your desired changes. Our team stays with you throughout your consultation and recovery, giving you optimum aftercare.

Patients in North Palm Beach can choose from a range of treatments which offer a variety of cosmetic changes like reducing aging signs like scars, acne, and wrinkles. These skin conditions might not be painful, but they certainly affect your appearance and with it, your self-image and self-confidence. We offer the latest and most effective treatments and techniques that help you restore the youth, complexion, and tone of your skin. This radiant and rejuvenated appearance restores your self-confidence too. Some of the treatments you can choose from include neuromodulators, dermal fillers, laser treatments, medical grade peels, and facials and microneedling. Either one of these procedures or a combination may be used to give you a refreshed appearance as well as skin tightening with laser treatments that promote collagen growth. When struggling with a skin issue, be assured that Jupiter Dermatology has an effective solution for you.

Botox and fillers

A lot of young people today are facing early signs of aging owing to sun damage, lifestyle choices, and neglect. These lead to changes like scars and wrinkles that can affect anybody’s social life and subsequently, self-confidence. The skin services offered to patients in North Palm Beach use the latest neuromodulators and dermal fillers so that you can regain your naturally smooth skin. With these injectables you can get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and chin fat, you can also fill up the areas where you suffered from volume loss. Here are the injectables you can choose in North Palm Beach:

Laser treatments

We offer a number of laser treatments that help you deal with certain skin issues like unwanted tattoos and hair, pigmentation, and uneven skin. Our laser treatments are effective in reducing these issues as well as promoting collagen production so that you get natural skin tightening. In order to achieve firm skin and a smoother skin tone, here are the treatments you can choose in North Palm Beach:

Hair restoration

Dr. Mejia has offered effective and permanent hair restoration to thousands of patients who are completely satisfied with their results. There is no doubt that he is the leader in hair restoration who first determines the cause of your hair loss before developing a treatment plan that gives you optimum results. Dr. Mejia serves on the board of the International Society of Restoration Surgery and has consistently offered his patients a head full of thicker hair. Patients in North Palm Beach can benefit from the following procedure:

Dermatology services

Although aging is the primary reason for most of the changes in your skin, it is not the only reason. With sun exposure and years of neglect or lifestyle choices like smoking, you may face undesirable changes to your skin like dullness, uneven skin tone and texture, wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation. Unfortunately, these changes make you look older than your years. Once we understand your skin concerns, we use a range of treatments that help you achieve the desired rejuvenation. Patients in North Palm Beach can choose from these procedures:

Skin care products

You can get a range of world class skin care products at Jupiter Dermatology. These products will help you with your everyday skin problems like discoloration, dark circles, and blemishes. Our makeup products offer natural coverage, reduced aging signs, skin rejuvenation, and longer and thicker eyelashes. You can also get world class sun blocks to protect your skin. Choose from these products when in North Palm Beach:

Medical dermatology procedures

When you are facing issues with your skin, hair or nails, you can opt for effective dermatological procedures at Jupiter Dermatology. We offer our patients in North Palm Beach healthy skin and retention of its functionality with medication and physical care. Our team ensures that our patients stay well educated about the preventive measures to help them ensure good health in the future as well. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Mohs and skin cancer

Skin cancer has emerged as the most common kind of cancer in the world and there are millions suffering in the US alone. It is important to know though that early detection is the key to prevent it. Dr. Mejia and his team offer prevention of skin cancer as well as surgical removal at Jupiter Dermatology. We believe that the best way to deal with the growing number of cancer patients is education and prevention. When you feel that there is new growth on your skin or you wish to get a screening for skin cancer, you can contact Dr. Mejia. Here are the treatments you can choose from:

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