A MedSpa offers its patients medical grade cosmetic procedures within the comfort of a spa. Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration offers its patients in West Palm Beach optimal care, unsurpassed comfort and excellent results. All the treatments offered at Jupiter Dermatology are highly customizable so that they suit your specific requirements and help you achieve your desired results. Dr. Ricardo Mejia is committed to helping each patient restore the youthful health and glow of their skin. He is known for listening patiently to all your skin issues before developing a personalized treatment plan to suit your needs. Once we have taken into consideration your individual goals, the treatment plan will be developed combining different procedures and techniques so that you get your desired results. Not just the personalized attention and stunning results, our center is also sought after for the optimum aftercare each patient gets since we stay with you throughout, from the consultation till you completely recover.

Patients in West Palm Beach can choose from a wide range of treatments that can help you with various aesthetic changes, including reduction in aging signs like scars, acne, and wrinkles. Even though these skin conditions are not painful, they affect your appearance and lead to lower self image and self confidence. We offer the latest techniques and treatments that help with the restoration of the youthful tone and complexion of your skin. When you get a radiant and refreshed appearance, it also restores your self confidence. You can choose injectables like dermal fillers and injectables or laser treatments that offer natural skin tightening. When you walk into Jupiter Dermatology, you can be assured we will offer you a rejuvenated appearance regardless of your skin issues.

Botox and fillers

Years of neglect, exposure to sun and certain lifestyle choices lead to early aging signs. You may experience changes on your skin like wrinkles and scars that may make you self conscious. You can choose the latest injectables like the neuromodulators and fillers to regain a naturally smooth skin. There are many advantages of these injectables including reduction in wrinkles and scars, filling up areas with volume loss and eliminating chin fat. Patients in West Palm Beach can choose from the following injectables:

Laser treatments

There are several laser treatments offered at Jupiter Dermatology that can help you with different skin issues like uneven skin tone, pigmentation, unwanted hair and unwanted tattoos. In addition to eliminating these concerns, laser treatments also promote collagen growth giving you natural skin tightening. Patients wishing for a smooth and firm skin in West Palm Beach can choose from the following:

Hair restoration

Dr. Mejia has been offering permanent results with hair restoration procedures to thousands of satisfied patients. Once he has understood the cause of your hair loss, Dr. Mejia will develop a treatment plan to offer you personalized results. He is a leader in hair restoration who serves on the board of the International Society of Restoration Surgery. Patients in West Palm Beach can get a head full of naturally thicker hair with:

Dermatology services

Other than aging, there are several other reasons that lead to undesirable changes in your skin. Exposure to the sun and some choices like smoking also make your skin dull with an uneven tone, acne, pigmentation and wrinkles. These changes make you look much older than your age and we at Jupiter Dermatology are committed to make you look and feel your best. Once Dr. Mejia and his team understand your skin issues, we will offer you the desired rejuvenation using a range of treatments. Here are your options in West Palm Beach:

Skin care products

You can choose from a wide range of world class skin care products at Jupiter Dermatology. These products help eliminate daily skin concerns like skin discoloration, dark under eye circles and blemishes. The makeup products available at our MedSpa offer you a natural coverage, reduce various aging signs and offer you skin rejuvenation and longer and thicker eyelashes. You can also get world class sun blocks for skin protection. Choose from these products when in West Palm Beach:

Medical dermatology procedures

Jupiter Dermatology offers effective treatments for different issues with your skin, hair or nails. Patients in West Palm Beach can achieve a healthy skin and retain its functionality using physical care and suitable medication. We ensure that you are well educated about the preventive measures which help you ensure good skin health in future as well. You can choose from the following procedures:

Mohs and skin cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer today and millions are suffering in the United States as well. You must know that early detection of skin cancer is the key to effective prevention. We believe that education about skin cancer and its prevention is the best way to deal with the ever increasing cases of skin cancer. If you see a new growth on your skin or you wish to be screened for skin cancer, you can book a consultation with Dr. Mejia. Here are the treatments available to patients in West Palm Beach:

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