In this video, Dr. Mejia shows before and after pictures from skin cancer surgery when a patient came to the office to get her sutures removed.

Before and After Basal Cell Surgery with Mohs

Below you can see some pictures of before and after skin cancer. This young woman in her 30’s came in for a check up after having Mohs skin cancer surgery a month ago on her forehead. She had squamous cell carcinoma. In a previous video, we showed you Don’s testimonial for reconstructive surgery after Mohs in several areas of his face.
This patient’s surgery was much smaller with only six sutures, and luckily Dr. Mejia was able to spot another basal skin cancer on her nose which was also removed. As you can see in the before and after skin cancer pictures, she has no scarring.


Squamous Skin Cancer On Forehead Before Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery


Skin Cancer Picture After Removal (Note: In video this is labeled before Mohs in error)


Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer


One Month After Surgery – No Scarring

Testimonials from Patients after Skin Cancer Surgery with Dr. Mejia

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