Dr. Mejia Shares His Philosophy

Dr. Mejia shares his philosophy in his work. When patients come into the office, he wants to make sure that everyone receives the very best care and putting his soul into it. As he states in this short two minute video:

“I am not here to do dermatology. My main priority is to take care of my patients. I am not happy if my patients are not happy. If I can solve your problem and do what you want me to do in a relaxing and fun environment, then everyone wins.”

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Dr. Mejia Discusses The Skin Cancer Treatment

Our patient, Larry who recently spoke about his experience with , is at a follow up visit with Dr.  Mejia who is a reputable skin cancer surgeon in South Florida. He shows some images of the basal cell carcinoma before the surgery. In this case, the patient neglected to take care of it earlier and it grew larger as time passed. Luckily with the Mohs skin cancer procedure, all the roots of the basal cells are removed .

After the removal of the skin cancer, Dr. Mejia did a plastic surgery closure which involved a flap procedure. Cosmetically, the patient is very happy with the result since the scar is hardly noticable because of the reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Mejia’s recommendation: Wear your sunblock and if you see any spots that are not healing, seek dermatological help.

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Patient Shares Experience With Mohs Surgery

A patient gives a quick testimonial about her experience of undergoing Mohs Skin Cancer surgery. "Wear your sunblock", she says.

Dr. Mejia is passionate about educating everyone on protecting your skin to prevent skin cancer and alleviating the fear of the surgery. Dr. Mejia, a dermatologist in Jupiter, FL is passionate about educating everyone on protecting your skin to prevent skin cancer and alleviating the fear of the surgery. He also specializes in Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery. 
Additionally, he is a Board Certified Dermatologic Surgeon and a member of the American Board Of Dermatology and fellow of American Society for Mohs Surgery.

A Patient’s Testimonial After Mohs

Dr. Mejia has a chat with a patient that underwent Mohs Skin Cancer surgery. Dr. Mejia also does the cosmetic surgery after Mohs so the patient has minimal scarring.

Although the patient was an avid sunbather at a young age, luckily with the Mohs surgery, her condition has been corrected.  Dr. Mejia is passionate about everyone wearing sunblock to prevent skin damage. See our new website for events to promote this.


Skin Cancer Detection

Dr. Mejia discusses the importance of  early skin cancer detection. For many years, this patient thought he had a birth mark on his arm. Unfortunately, it was a basal cell carcinoma and Mohs skin cancer surgery was performed.

Dr. Mejia wants to remind people that if you have a growth that has been there for a long time, get it checked it out.

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PDT & Sunblock Tips

PDT Treatment  or Photodynamic Therapy is completed. The patient shares her experience.. After a Blue Light Treatment, the patient must hibernate and be completely out of the sun for a few days. For this reason, a very strong sunblock is applied.

Additionally, Sarah, our Physician Assistant gives great sunscreen tips to prevent skin cancer. Dr. Mejia, a qualified Mohs skin cancer surgeon will then follow up with attentive care for the results of the PDT.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Q & A

Photodynamic Therapy, or PDT is a sometimes called Blue Light treatment for skin cancer. It treats  pre-cancer cells pre-clinically beneath the surface. Sarah, our Physician Assistant answers questions about PDT while the patient is undergoing the Blue Light  treatment for 16 minutes and 40 seconds.

Some of the patients get the benefit of having smoother skin, a cosmetic overlap from the treatment, even though they are being treated for pre-cancer.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Actual Procedure

Watch as a patient undergoes the actual procedure of Photodynamic Therapy, or PDT. After the pre-treatment as explained in our previous post, the patient is now under the Blue Light. Goggles are necessary to protect the eyes. Levulon, the solution in the pre-treatment is now being absorbed by the pre-cancerous cells. Dr. Mejia, a skin cancer specialist and surgeon oversees all the procedures.

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