Jupiter Dermatologist Testimonial – Renee M

Our patient Renee M was at our office when we did a demonstration of the IPL Treatment and kindly did a nice review of our office and Dr. Ricardo Mejia. She has had various skin cancer treatments. We are so happy that her condition has improved significantly.


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Our Patient Rene Magnifico at the Senior Florida Pageant

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Our Patient Rene Magnifico is running for “Senior Miss Florida”

Here is her story & advice to you about your aging concerns…

To all 60 year old ladies and older,

It’s never to late to feel more beautiful without having plastic surgery.  It’s immediate and instant rejuvenation of mind and body.

I made a bucket list this year and being in the Ms. Senior Florida Pageant was on it.  During the months of preparation, I had facials, Juvederm and Sculptra treatments at Jupiter Dermatology with Dr. Mejia.  It is no wonder  he was at the Dr. Oz fest.  He is amazing and I never felt more beautiful.  I remember the life cereal commercial with Mikey who said “Try it, you’ll like it.” I love it and don’t in anyway feel plastic or fake.

If today is the day to give intelligent advice there is NO such thing as too old or too late.  No more “what if” or “if only” about the things that really matter.  It matters how you feel and look.  Today, I am having an IPL photofacial and if the cost is a concern, it’s cheaper than a dinner out for 4 people.

The other added luxury to me is after having stage 4 tongue and throat cancer, NO ONE is watching my cancer better than Dr. Mejia.


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Squamous Cell Carcinoma Explained & Patient Video Testimonial

Our patient, Pat has had numerous skin cancer all over her body for 32 years. She came to our office to remove three squamous cell carcinoma on her chin and jawline. Pat was very nervous about the removal of the skin cancer on these areas because she had multiple skin cancers in the same area previously which were were removed at the University of Miami. The current scar tissue was her main concern. This video was taken two weeks after the squamous cell carcinoma was removed. Continue reading “Squamous Cell Carcinoma Explained & Patient Video Testimonial”

Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer Surgery Testimonial

Our patient, Marvin had reconstructive surgery after Mohs skin cancer on the side of his face. Recently he came back to the office for another Mohs skin cancer surgery on his nose. He shares in this testimonial how some other plastic surgeons commented on the good results with no scarring.
We have been sharing some testimonials from our patients recently to ease any anxiety you may have about this procedure. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or contact us for any questions or concerns.

Pictures of skin cancer before and after Mohs surgery. You can see the results in the video after complete healing. Continue reading “Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer Surgery Testimonial”

Pictures of Skin Cancer : Before & After Mohs Surgery

In the video below, Dr. Mejia shows before and after pictures from a skin cancer surgery when a patient came to the office to get her sutures removed.

  • Explanation and images of before and after begin at 0:34—2:15

In this video below, Dr. Mejia explains the procedure for Mohs skin cancer from start to finish. You can see before and after pictures in these time markers in the video:

  • 6 min. 56 seconds (before & after + suture removal)
  • 8 min. 15 seconds (before & after + testimonial)

Before and After Basal Cell Surgery with Mohs

Below you can see some more in-depth pictures of before and after skin cancer. This young woman in her 30’s came in for a check-up after having Mohs skin cancer surgery a month ago on her forehead. She had squamous cell carcinoma. In a previous video, we showed you Don’s testimonial for reconstructive surgery where he now advocates for the early prevention of skin cancer after his 11 Mohs surgeries. Although this patient’s surgery was much smaller with only six sutures, Dr. Mejia was able to spot another basal skin cancer on her nose that had previously gone unnoticed by other dermatologists, and subsequently removed it. As you can see in the before and after skin cancer pictures, she has no scarring.


Squamous Skin Cancer On Forehead Before Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery


Skin Cancer Picture After Removal (Note: In video, this is labeled before Mohs in error)


Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer


One Month After Surgery – No Scarring

Testimonials from Patients after Skin Cancer Surgery with Dr. Mejia

Reconstructive Surgery After Mohs ~ A Patient Who Underwent 11 Surgeries

Don has had reconstructive surgery after Mohs skin cancer many times. He has been coming to Jupiter Dermatology for about three years. Like many sun worshippers in South Florida, he never used sunblock. He has had to have eleven surgeries to remove the skin cancer on his nose, forehead, right temple, ear, chest and legs. Most  were squamous cell skin cancer. Luckily, he didn’t have any melanomas which is the most advanced type of skin cancer. Continue reading “Reconstructive Surgery After Mohs ~ A Patient Who Underwent 11 Surgeries”

Mohs Surgery Testimonial

Our patient, Larry, shares his experience with a skin cancer treatment called Mohs Surgery. He was concerned not only for his health, but because he works as a sales manager who meets the public frequently.

In this video above you will see some pictures of  before and after the surgery and how well the scar healed. Thank you Larry for sharing this.