Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer Surgery Testimonial

Our patient, Marvin had reconstructive surgery after Mohs skin cancer on the side of his face. Recently he came back to the office for another Mohs skin cancer surgery on his nose. He shares in this testimonial how some other plastic surgeons commented on the good results with no scarring.
We have been sharing some testimonials from our patients recently to ease any anxiety you may have about this procedure. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or contact us for any questions or concerns.

Pictures of skin cancer before and after Mohs surgery. You can see the results in the video after complete healing. Continue reading “Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer Surgery Testimonial”

Pictures of Skin Cancer : Before & After Mohs Surgery

In the video below, Dr. Mejia shows before and after pictures from a skin cancer surgery when a patient came to the office to get her sutures removed.

  • Explanation and images of before and after begin at 0:34—2:15

In this video below, Dr. Mejia explains the procedure for Mohs skin cancer from start to finish. You can see before and after pictures in these time markers in the video:

  • 6 min. 56 seconds (before & after + suture removal)
  • 8 min. 15 seconds (before & after + testimonial)

Before and After Basal Cell Surgery with Mohs

Below you can see some more in-depth pictures of before and after skin cancer. This young woman in her 30’s came in for a check-up after having Mohs skin cancer surgery a month ago on her forehead. She had squamous cell carcinoma. In a previous video, we showed you Don’s testimonial for reconstructive surgery where he now advocates for the early prevention of skin cancer after his 11 Mohs surgeries. Although this patient’s surgery was much smaller with only six sutures, Dr. Mejia was able to spot another basal skin cancer on her nose that had previously gone unnoticed by other dermatologists, and subsequently removed it. As you can see in the before and after skin cancer pictures, she has no scarring.


Squamous Skin Cancer On Forehead Before Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery


Skin Cancer Picture After Removal (Note: In video, this is labeled before Mohs in error)


Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer


One Month After Surgery – No Scarring

Testimonials from Patients after Skin Cancer Surgery with Dr. Mejia

Reconstructive Surgery After Mohs

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

Dr. Mejia was doing a reconstructive surgery on a patient’s nose after the patient underwent Mohs skin cancer surgery. Dr. Mejia performs both procedures. This alleviates the patient from having to go seek another doctor to do plastic surgery after the Mohs. Not only does it save time and stress, it also is cost effective.

Skin-Cancer- Slides

Here Dr. Mejia is checking skin cancer slides to make sure margins are clear.

Skin Cancer Detection

Dr. Mejia discusses the importance of  early skin cancer detection. For many years, this patient thought he had a birth mark on his arm. Unfortunately, it was a basal cell carcinoma and Mohs skin cancer surgery was performed.

Dr. Mejia wants to remind people that if you have a growth that has been there for a long time, get it checked it out.