Squamous Cell Carcinoma Explained & Patient Video Testimonial

Our patient, Pat has had numerous skin cancer all over her body for 32 years. She came to our office to remove three squamous cell carcinoma on her chin and jawline. Pat was very nervous about the removal of the skin cancer on these areas because she had multiple skin cancers in the same area previously which were were removed at the University of Miami. The current scar tissue was her main concern. This video was taken two weeks after the squamous cell carcinoma was removed. Continue reading “Squamous Cell Carcinoma Explained & Patient Video Testimonial”

Reconstructive Surgery After Mohs ~ A Patient Who Underwent 11 Surgeries

Don has had reconstructive surgery after Mohs skin cancer many times. He has been coming to Jupiter Dermatology for about three years. Like many sun worshippers in South Florida, he never used sunblock. He has had to have eleven surgeries to remove the skin cancer on his nose, forehead, right temple, ear, chest and legs. Most  were squamous cell skin cancer. Luckily, he didn’t have any melanomas which is the most advanced type of skin cancer. Continue reading “Reconstructive Surgery After Mohs ~ A Patient Who Underwent 11 Surgeries”

Best Sunblock For Women

tizo-sunblockWhat is the best sunblock for women? Tizo3 is our number one rated facial block among women in our practice. This sunscreen lotion gives you physical protection in a mineral based sunblock with a light tint. Tizo3 is free of chemicals and parabens making it ideal for all skin types. Women enjoy this sunblock because they get the most protection needed without leaving the skin with a white chalky appearance.
Tizo3 has a soft, silky texture and gives the skin a nice matte finish making this sunblock a great makeup primer as well. At Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration, we strongly recommend using Tizo3 sunblock on a daily basis. Using a good sunblock can help prevent premature aging caused by UVA and UVB rays.

Patient Shares Experience With Mohs Surgery

A patient gives a quick testimonial about her experience of undergoing Mohs Skin Cancer surgery. "Wear your sunblock", she says.

Dr. Mejia is passionate about educating everyone on protecting your skin to prevent skin cancer and alleviating the fear of the surgery. Dr. Mejia, a dermatologist in Jupiter, FL is passionate about educating everyone on protecting your skin to prevent skin cancer and alleviating the fear of the surgery. He also specializes in Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery. 
Additionally, he is a Board Certified Dermatologic Surgeon and a member of the American Board Of Dermatology and fellow of American Society for Mohs Surgery.

A Patient’s Testimonial After Mohs

Dr. Mejia has a chat with a patient that underwent Mohs Skin Cancer surgery. Dr. Mejia also does the cosmetic surgery after Mohs so the patient has minimal scarring.

Although the patient was an avid sunbather at a young age, luckily with the Mohs surgery, her condition has been corrected.  Dr. Mejia is passionate about everyone wearing sunblock to prevent skin damage. See our new website for events to promote this.


Skin Cancer & Indoor Tanning

The Indoor Tanning Association and the Federal Trade Commission have recently come to an agreement regarding claims from the Indoor Tanning Association. Many of those claims said they were endorsed by the government. However as dermatologist, we know that indoor tanning and chronic exposure to UV  increases the risk of skin cancer and melanomas, which are a deadly form of skin cancer.

Consequently, new guidelines settled between the Federal Trade Commission and the Indoor Tanning Association now require warning signs that indicate exposure to Ultraviolet Light Radiation may increase the likelihood of skin cancer. Continue reading “Skin Cancer & Indoor Tanning”